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Our Commitment

We will thoroughly assess each search assignment.

A timeline will be confirmed based on the urgency of each search.

We work very diligently to qualify candidates based on skills, chemistry, and motivation. Once we have qualified potential candidates, we take careful consideration to insure that we present those who meet your criteria.

We coordinate the interview ensuring that all participants are prepared. Candidates are given an in-depth understanding of the position, company and employees. Hiring managers are provided with detailed information regarding a candidate’s interests, motivation, compensation, and family when appropriate.

We assist the candidates in tendering their resignation and facilitate a seamless transition into their new position.

Our Value

We believe that your time is valuable. By using our services, we can save you critical time when you are searching for top talent in the flooring and building products market. We have a candidate base of more than 50,000 candidates globally. We have key contacts and high visibility in the industry.

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